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    2. Futherma?
      Thermal Management Solutions



      Management material



      Related Products
      • Thermal Gap Pad
      • Anisotropic Thermal Pad
        Anisotropic Thermal Pads have high thermal conductivity in some directions and low thermal conductivity in other directions. This means that they can simultaneously dissipate heat from a hotspot (local overheating) in directions with high thermal conductivity, while providing thermal insulation in other directions.
      • Thermal Insulator
        With silicone resin as the matrix and glass fiber as the filler, it has excellent thermal conductivity and insulation properties as well as excellent tear and puncture resistance, providing a better choice for high power and high voltage applications.
      • Phase Change Materials
        Phase change materials (PCMs) are often used as matrix materials for thermal interface applications, and because they are solid at room temperature, they soften after heating, and can completely fill gaps in contact surfaces, achieving thin layers and high reliability without pumping problems.
      • Thermal Grease
        Thermal grease products have the advantages of good thermal conductivity, easy to use, and wide range of uses. The product has low viscosity and good thixotropy, and is suitable for large-scale production such as dispensing, screen printin...