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    2. Environmental Protection
      • Longyang

        Longyang Electronics values climate change and carbon neutrality issues and is committed to environmental protection throughout the entire process of production, shipping, and operations, to promote environmental sustainability and the company's own development.

        We have invested significantly in environmental protection and conservation. With a comprehensive environmental laboratory equipped with ICP, IC, and EDX spectrometers, we conduct inspections on incoming and outgoing materials. Our products adhere strictly to RoHS specifications and are free from harmful heavy metals. We take responsibility for our customers and for our shared planet.

        Continuously, we develop eco-friendly products, including recyclable, biodegradable, and bio-based options, to meet market and societal trends. Concurrently, we collaborate with customers to help enhance their carbon credits, fostering progress and development together. The company will persistently practice environmental consciousness, making positive contributions to both the environment and society.

      • Longyoung Electronics prioritizes environmental protection across the entire supply chain and production process. We have a comprehensive supplier assessment and management process that considers not only the materials we use but also our suppliers' social responsibility and environmentally friendly facilities. We view these aspects as our responsibility, aiming for sustainable business operations and mutual growth.

        In our production process, we carefully control resource consumption and strive to minimize material waste. We have also invested in high-efficiency production equipment to reduce energy consumption. At our raw material factories in Huai'an Fuyang and Juhe New Materials, water circulation equipment has been installed, achieving a water reuse rate of 98%. Both wastewater and exhaust gases undergo filtration treatment before being discharged.

        In terms of shipping, Longyoung Electronics takes various measures to protect the environment. We choose to serve customers in proximity whenever possible, minimizing carbon emissions during transportation. As a result, we not only avoid excessive packaging but also established ChuanYoung Electronics in Chongqing to serve customers when the laptop industry shifted westward. Additionally, we are planning to establish a facility in Vietnam this year to provide nearby service to customers in Northern Vietnam and surrounding Southeast Asian regions.